January 22, 2021: Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal. China Played Its Hand Well in 2020. Will It Keep Winning?

April 21, 2020: Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out If the Coronavirus Is Airborne?

April 21, 2020: (Greek) Petros Karakousis: Professor and his team at Johns Hopkins develop coronavirus vaccine

May 13, 2020Possibility of transmission of the virus through aerosols 


Statins as adjunctive TB therapy:
March 16, 2016: Statins cut tuberculosis treatment time in mice

Animal model of ocular TB:
February, 2011Tuberculosis: Ancient Killer Can Thrive in the Eye

TB knowledge assessment in medical residents:
August 2, 2007Medical Residents Flunk TB Quiz

The oldest person who ever lived:
February 17, 2020: Lauren Collins, The New Yorker. Was Jeanne Calment the Oldest Person Who Ever Lived—or a Fraud?

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